New distinctive family car joins the “Lada” family


A new distinctive family car joins a family

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The Autovaz plant in Taliati, Russia, announced the start of the mass production of modified Lada Largus family cars.

According to the leaks, the new cars that announced the start of production will carry many changes compared to the previous Largus models. Externally, these vehicles have different front faces, and their headlights are similar to the lamps of Logan and Sandero cars from Renault, and they are equipped with shock absorbers and new mirrors as well.

The changes affected the interior design of the car as well, as the cabin got elements decorated with plastic and chrome and new seats similar to those in XRAY Cross cars. The steering interface was also provided with a new Multimeda system that could be controlled via a touch screen, and a distinctive steering wheel equipped with buttons to control the sound, speed and response systems. On phone calls, the windows’ electrical control buttons are now on the doors, and the seat temperature control buttons and the steering wheel have moved to the bottom and center of the driving interface.

A new distinctive family car joins a family

youtube / Interesting Tv Videos

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The new models from Largus will be offered with a front-wheel drive system, 1.6-liter petrol engines with 87 and 106 horsepower torque, and 5-speed mechanical gearboxes, and their prices will start at approximately $ 9,500.

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