New fears raised by Corona strains … What does double infection mean?


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Brazilian researchers discovered that some patients were infected with two different strains of the emerging corona virus, which increases concerns about the different strains of the virus that are found in a large number of countries of the world.

According to Reuters, the researchers conducted a study on this matter and published the results of their study, which has not yet been subjected to peer review, on a medical website called medRxiv.

The researchers say that they have concluded that their study is the first in the world to prove the possibility of double infection in one person with two different strains of the virus.

The report indicates that the nature of the infection of some patients, who pass through their third decade of life, was discovered with the “P.2” strain that was discovered in Rio, and the “B.1.1.28” strain simultaneously, in late November.

The study showed that confirmed cases of double infection from Corona exist in Brazil, and also indicates that the presence of two strains in one body would accelerate the occurrence of new mutations of the virus.

And according to what scientists observed, the symptoms of these patients were so mild that they did not need to enter the hospital, and were represented by a dry cough, inflammation, headache and sore throat.

“This co-infection could generate new variants more quickly than was happening,” said Fernando Spilke, a virologist at the University of Feevale in Rio Grande do Sul state and the principal investigator of the study, adding that it would be “another evolutionary pathway for the virus.”

“Co-infection can only occur when different viruses are transmitted in large quantities, which indicates the high spread of the virus in Brazil,” added “Sabilkie”.

The new strains may increase the risk of potential resistance by the virus to vaccines that are developed during the current period, as the study confirmed that the variables made the virus more contagious.

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