New leaks … “strange” clauses in Messi’s contract with Barcelona


New leaks ... Items


For the third day in a row, the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” published more details about Lionel Messi’s contract with his Barcelona team.

The new details concern Barcelonas rights in Messi’s contract, after the newspaper had published details of the financial contract obtained by the Argentine star.

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Coman comments on how Messi deals with leaks of his contract terms

The most important new detail is the club’s ban on Messi from riding motorcycles or water bikes and similar sports that may cause injury to him.

The contract also prohibits “flea” from using any kind of drugs or stimulants, which is understandable, and he is also banned from participating in betting in tournaments in which any Barcelona team participates.

The contract forces Messi to go out publicly to talk about the team’s coach in a positive way, and that his position on the field is determined only by the coach.

And one of the items concerning Messi is the possibility of his departure free of charge in the event that the region of Catalonia gains independence at any time.

And “El Mundo” published these leaks, although Barcelona warned the newspaper against taking legal measures in the event of the contract being leaked, and Messi also decided to prosecute those responsible.

Source: Agencies


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