Oculus VR arrives from Facebook in South Korea today


SK Telecom, South Koreas largest wireless operator, has said it will release its latest virtual reality (VR) device from Facebook, Oculus Quest 2, as the carrier seeks to expand its presence in the local VR market, and Oculus Quest 2 is set to go on sale. For $ 370 at SK Telecom’s retail and online stores.

The mobile company said it will show the device in South Korea starting Tuesday, as an extension of its partnership with the US social media giant in 2019, and SK Telecom sold the company’s previous Oculus Go device last year, according to Yonhap News.

Oculus Quest 2, which provides about 200 virtual reality games, has improved performance through Qualcomm Technologies Inc.’s XR2 chipset, according to the mobile company, while the device will support games jointly developed by SK Telecom, including “Crazy World VR” in half. The first of this year, as well as the company’s Jump VR mobile platform in the second half of this year.

The mobile company has focused on developing virtual reality technology since it launched its high-speed 5G network in April 2019, and the company is providing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality content through its Jump app and has created a movie studio that produces 3D content using Microsoft Corp’s technology. SK Telecom is targeting 10 million Jump Service users by the end of this year.


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