Oh Ahmed Yaz, fear for yourself … Zeina has studied law and will take her right


The artist, Zina, shared her followers through her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, a group of photos during her new filming session.

During the photos, Zeina announced her success in finishing her studies at the Faculty of Law, when she sent a letter of thanks to her sister, Nisreen: “First you say congratulations because I succeeded, thank God, in the Faculty of Law. I finished a high school and entered the Faculty of Commerce at Ain Shams University, and my sister persuaded me to study law. And I was upset that I took this step because of course I did not have time and it was a great responsibility, but now I am very happy, thank God. ”

And she continued: “I thank my sister for enduring her, and for standing beside me as usual, seriously, without you, there is no need.”

“Zeina” appeared during the photo session in a long, transparent black cat dress, with a short lining that revealed her legs, and adopted the short hairstyle, with makeup to suit her appearance.

In the middle of last month, the artist Zina demanded an increase in the amount of alimony for her two children from the artist Ahmed Ezz, as lawyer Moataz Al-Dakr tried to increase the amount of the alimony to reach 50 thousand pounds per month, in addition to 43 thousand pounds sterling tuition fees for the two children «Ezz El-Din and Zain El-Din», and thus these are considered Alimony is one of the most expensive monthly expenses for a separate woman.

Al-Dakr revealed, during previous statements to “Hen,” the details of the work to increase alimony annually, pointing out that every year in which the expenses and needs of children increase, and therefore the applicant for the increase is a natural matter, stressing that the defendant, artist Ahmed Ezz, is forced to pay alimony. His two children, otherwise he will expose himself to imprisonment: “When you come to the prison history, he pays.”

The money was determined after submitting the items of the father’s income for the entirety of his artistic works, and the wage for every artistic work that he starred in each year.


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