On Nahid Yusri’s 72nd birthday, films are unavailable without a boss


Today, February 6, coincides with the birthday of the artist, Nahed Yousry, who is famous for presenting the roles of seduction, before she was absent from sight and wore the hijab.

Nahid Yusri appeared in a press interview years ago, during which she spoke about her career, and said that the films are unavailable without a boss, and she did not express any remorse about the temptation roles that she embodied on the screen.

Nahid, 72, is the sister of author and actress Samia Shukry, who has published a number of novels in series episodes in Lebanese magazines, and her films include: “The Traitorous, Al-Obeit, Little on Love, The Insane Love”.

Her film, Our Lady of the Black Moons, sparked a great controversy at the time of its release, due to the remoteness of the nudity scenes, so that a number of Arab countries prevent it from being shown until now. Starring Hussein Fahmy and Adel Adham, written and directed by Samir Khoury.


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