On Zeina’s 44th birthday … She was all in high school and the story of her enrollment


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Thursday 04 February 2021

Books – Hani Saber:
Today, Thursday, February 4, the artist Zina Reda celebrates her 44th birthday, as she was born in 1977.
Zeina began her artistic career as a model in a number of video clips, to be chosen by director Daoud Abdel Sayed to play the role of Hana in the film “Land of Fear” in front of the artist Ahmed Zaki in 1999.
We share her story with the Law School for you on her birthday:

The artist, Zina, revealed the main reason that prompted her to enroll in law school, until recently, she obtained a BA.

Zina said, in the “Honorable Citizen” program: “When I finished a high school, I was superior, and I had to score 86%, and after that I entered the Faculty of Commerce at Ain Shams University, based on my mother’s desire because she is a graduate of the same college, although I applied to the Film Institute at the time and was accepted, and because I didn’t like Studying at the College of Commerce … I preferred to drop it a lot.
She revealed that 4 years ago, her sister motivated her to study at the Faculty of Law: “My sister Nisreen is a graduate of Sociology, and after obtaining a BA, she joined the College of English Literature, and she obtained her BA. “.
She explained that she recently obtained a Bachelor of Laws, after having been successful with hard effort, as she returned twice every year.
She added: “I saw a woman in court … her case is 100 percent guaranteed, but she does not have 200 pounds to appoint a lawyer to plead on her behalf, and it was very difficult for me. My sister reminded me of the incident and actually convinced me to join the law school, after many attempts by me to refuse entry to any other colleges after my experience in college.” Trade, but (Nisreen) asked me to enter it and work for God’s sake for my children .. and I entered college and it was a very harsh experience because there was no time, and studying in the college was very difficult and raising children, as well as corona … Thank God I finished studying law and took the certificate.

It is noteworthy that the last work of Zina’s series “Gather Salem”, which was shown last Ramadan, was written by Muhammad Nair, and directed by Iman Al-Haddad.


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