“One time or more” .. Do we need a Corona vaccine every year?


Infectious disease control consultant Peter English told Sky News that the answer to this question depends largely on the type and effect of the vaccine.

And proven vaccines approved, such as Oxford-AstraZeneca VaccinesAnd Vizer-Biontek, they prevented serious illnesses, but not enough time passed to assess whether they were preventing transmission.

“We have some indications that they (the current vaccines) will prevent transmission, but perhaps not to the extent that they prevent it from contracting serious diseases,” English added. The spread of COVID-19“.

The former chair of the Committee on Public Health Medicine said: “We may see it as effective 30-70 percent in preventing infection and transmission, but I hope I am wrong and that the percentage is higher.”

Herd immunity

At the start of the pandemic, experts stressed the need to access “herd immunity” to protect the majority of the population and ensure that they are not infected with COVID-19. Given the nature of Covid-19 disease, many scientists have ruled out the effectiveness of this solution.

But the term “herd immunity” is still used within the medical community to describe a time when enough people have immunity to ensure that disease does not spread, and in this case, through vaccination with vaccines.

“If we do not get herd immunity, the virus will continue to spread among people,” English said in this regard.

The specialist consultant explained Infectious disease control, That to ensure herd immunity, an infected person should not infect more than one healthy person.

Anjesh gives an example in the field with measles, and says that “you have to vaccinate 17 out of 18 people to get in order to achieve herd immunity, so that people do not spread the disease.”

He added, “The same applies to Covid-19, so two out of every 3 people must be vaccinated for an investigation Herd immunity“.

He went on to say: “With the new variants in the Corona virus, you have to double vaccination to be the number 3 out of 4, or 4 out of 5 people” to achieve herd immunity.

Do we have to vaccinate annually?

“We don’t know how long the vaccines will last, so we may have to repeat,” English said Vaccination. Often vaccines are more effective than natural immunity, but we may need to vaccinate everyone every year, or two or three, for some time and maybe forever. “

“The more variables that we have seen, the vaccine may need to be modified, so there may be a need to boost vaccines. We do this annually at Flu vaccineThe virus mutates every year. “

He emphasized that scientists are already working on trying to include Fertilization of Cofid-19 With the flu vaccine so that they can be given together, a method that is currently used to give children 5 vaccines at one time, he said.

He pointed out that it is still too early to know whether there is a need for a booster vaccine, given that the current vaccines are still new, and they need time to know their effectiveness.

He said: “It is really difficult to determine the most effective vaccine, because all the studies that were conducted on it were different.” But he stressed at the same time that it would not be difficult to amend any of the approved vaccines if necessary, according to the variables that occur on the virus.

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