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The sculpture “Our Lady of Justice” is among the greatest statues recognized worldwide, and is embodied in most of the legal buildings and houses of justice in the world.

The woman is blindfolded, because justice requires equality between the opponents without the slightest discrimination between them.

And the scale it bears, it is an indication of the realization of the right according to the law, with the opponents presenting their claims and defenses in order to rule justice between them later.

And the sword refers to the deterrent punishment for the offender and retribution from him, so that justice will restore matters to their rightful place, and as a result, the two scales of the balance will be restored to be equal after the criminal committed his crime and caused a breach in it.

As for her being a woman and not a man, it is to indicate that despite the presence of the sword and the scale, mercy is present in this justice, since a woman’s heart is more merciful than a man’s heart.

The Red Sea Prosecutor’s Office referred the businessman’s son to the criminal court, accusing him of obtaining narcotic hashish with the intent to consume, and running over and killing the engineer “Mai”, as a result of driving a car under the influence of the drug, and deliberately walking in the opposite direction.

Yesterday, the first session of the trial of three defendants, including a judge at the Court of Appeal, and his two friends, were accused of seducing a girl, kidnapping her through fraud, and raping her in a village in the North Coast.

His conclusion: No one is above the law, and this meaning must be fixed in the Egyptian mentality, and to stop questioning the Egyptian justice system, which stands at one legal distance from all the accused, regardless of locations, names and jobs.

Imagine the skepticism that the referred accused is not the son of a businessman, and Facebook pages deny that he is another accused “tucked into the case”, and the obvious question: Do you know the son of the businessman? This suspicious story is strange, an instinctive tendency to doubt and doubt even when the accused is before the prosecution.

Blindfolded justice is not a statue of cold stone, I refer you to the series of judgments issued in succession in the face of powerful names, in important locations, approaching them in a past time was a kind of imagination.

Certainly, the hand of the law reaches everyone, and everyone is equal before the law. The son of the judge (think of him of course) is like the son of the sentinel, the reformatory blames everyone who has been swept away and drifted, “You know, I am the son of Maine in Egypt.” You no longer fool us, we are all children of nine. “The children of the black duck”, who will be held accountable, and no one is above the account.

Some are still outdated, and the misfortune of “the great is great, and the text is text is text” is spreading in society. Thinking of the tribal homestead, and the little pasha, the son of the great, Egypt has changed. Egypt is no longer a farmhouse in which the free wolves have fun.

Justice in Egypt is taking its natural course after it was dug many centuries ago, it is going as it is written in the book, the gang of justice on its eyes grows the meaning that we mean in these lines, and such referrals and trials that we are about to discredit and doubt the judicial rulings, the judiciary in Egypt He strikes a renewed example every morning, but most people do not know, some of them do not understand, and most of the time they do not thank.

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