“Our Lord, take me to the path of the Qur’an” – Newspaper Norte


Artist came out. ” Hassan Fouad The well-known for his singing of the Egyptian series “Arabesque” made statements to Al Youm Al Sabea newspaper in which he revealed the reasons for his departure from the artistic and singing scene for many years.

Where indicated Hassan Fouad That he was subjected to many shocks and situations that caused him a great shock that made him reconsider his accounts.

Among those traumas was the death of a number of his close friends, whose death constituted a major shock to him like the artist. Ala Wali Eddin “Wolfenan” Abdullah Mahmoud He had a strong friendship with him during their participation in the series “The Wedge”.

Fouad added that the recent events in Egypt made everyone feel anxious, which made him go through a period of distancing and contemplation .. He said: “Our Lord took me in a beautiful moment in which I was very happy … Our Lord honored me. It was a beautiful period of the periods that I lived and worked for me in a state of satisfaction for my time and energy.

He continued: “Everything happens with the destiny of God, and I taught the Qur’an during this period to some Azharites, and I did not know that our Lord gave me a queen and the talent of voice in order to enter in this direction and learn the art of intonation, and it was one of the important periods in my life.”

Recall that the artist Hassan Fouad He participated in a number of important dramas, including: Saad Al-Yateem series andArabesque series AndWedge series .. And the last artistic work he joined before his departure from art was the series Khan Al-Qandil in 2003, in which he participated in acting and singing.


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