Owen: Mohamed Salah acted wrongly against Brighton … and the Liverpool trio are “similar”


Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen criticized the performance of the current first team players after losing yesterday, Wednesday, to Brighton in the English Premier League with a clean goal at Anfield.

Liverpool, the champion of the last version, fell at home again, as all of its players failed to take advantage of the awakening and win in the last two matches against Tottenham and West Ham, and moved away from the competition at the top with Manchester City and Manchester United.

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Mohamed Salah and Mani

Owen spoke about his view of the reasons for the defeat of Liverpool, and said through statements carried by the British newspaper “Metro”: “When Mohamed Salah and Mane play on the sides, Liverpool starts better.”

He continued, “The opportunity that was presented to me Mohamed Salah Early on, he should have done better by running into the penalty area and not aiming, in order to have a good chance to score, taking advantage of the defenders’ preoccupation with watching Firmino, who was supporting him in that attack. ”

He added: “In a lot of matches this season, there was a problem facing Liverpool players, especially in front of defensive teams that do not leave a lot of enough space to run because of the lack of reliance on two parties capable of creating them as Mohammed Salah and Mani used to do, I think the team is better with this.” Method. ”

He continued his statements: “I think that the reason behind this problem is relying on 3 players in the midfield who are very similar in technical abilities and this is what happened with ThiagoYesterday, Vinaldom and Milner where the focus is entirely on penetration in depth. ”

And he continued: “The team must return to building from the sides, so they will improve for the better. They have to find the best way to win again, especially with the absence of the fans at Anfield.”

He continued: “With this method of pressure from the parties, you can outrun the defenses of competitors.”

And about the upcoming Manchester City match: “I am not afraid for Liverpool from this match or against better teams, I think that the team needs new ideas to overcome the blocking defenses of the competitors.”

Mohamed Salah missed opportunity at the start of the Liverpool and Brighton match


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