Pacheco favors between Al-Jazeeri and Marwan Hamdy for leading the Zamalek attack against Al-Ittihad


The Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, coach of the Zamalek team, favors Saif Al-Jazeeri and Marwan Hamdi, who recently joined the team’s ranks in the last winter transfers, to lead the team’s attack in the upcoming Al-Ittihad Alexandria match in the league scheduled for February 7 in the 12th round of the competition.

The Portuguese coach asked the assistant to set up an intensive rehabilitation program for the pair during the current period because of his desire to rely on one of them in the basic formation in light of the striker’s explicit absence from Zamalek matches after the departure of Mustafa Mohamed to the Turkish League.

A source inside the technical staff revealed that the Portuguese Pacheco wants to involve Saif Al-Jaziri, mainly to keep Marwan Hamdi on the bench in the Al-Ittihad match, especially that he wants to change the way of playing by not relying on an outspoken striker, which is the way in which Al-Jaziri is better than Marwan Hamdi. In addition, Saif Al-Jaziri participated with the contractors in all previous matches, which makes him the most ready to participate with Zamalek.

On the other hand, statements made by Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Jensh, goalkeeper of Zamalek, sparked controversy within the team after the goalkeeper confirmed that his relationship with his colleague Abu Jabal, the main goalkeeper of the team, is a “stadium relationship … and his level is normal”, where Jensh appeared in one of the programs, and revealed that he has no relationship With Muhammad Abu Jabal, the goalkeeper of Zamalek, except for the stadium only, because he does not tend to leave the house, and about the relationship between him and Muhammad Abu Jabal, during the last period, saying: “My relationship with Abu Jabal is in the stadium only, because I do not tend to leave the house.” .

Also, his words about Abu Jabal’s performance and his level in the current period is that it is normal because he is a player in Zamalek, but the most important thing is to maintain his level, which indicates that Abu Jabal did not present anything new or make an effort, but rather that his presence in Zamalek was what determined his performance. As he said about Talaq Abu Jabal: “It is normal and normal because you play in Zamalek Club, and the most important thing is you prefer at the same level. “.


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