Pacheco: The goal of spinning Mahalla is unexpected


Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco, coach of Zamalek club, confirmed that no team is at risk of losing, indicating that the goal of the Ghazl El Mahalla team is not expected.

Zamalek suffered a fatal defeat by Ghazl El Mahalla, with two goals to one goal, in the eleventh week of the Egyptian We League.

Pacheco said in the press conference after the match: “The match was balanced, and we created many chances and were playing in the middle of Ghazl El Mahalla stadium, and even after Sassi was sent off, we continued playing in the middle of the Mahalla stadium.”

He added, “We could have scored two goals and three, and we received a goal in a deadly time, and the players were relieved of any responsibility because they did what they had to do. No team is not vulnerable to defeat.”

And the Zamalek coach continued: “The problem was that we had effectiveness inside the penalty area, and we played with three defenders in order to attack more strongly, and we created a very great danger.”

Pacheco concluded: “We lost focus in the end, so we received the goal, and Zizo and Fatouh had instructions to play the occasional balls, and the numerical shortage affected the physical effort of the players, and we created many opportunities in the middle of the Mahalla stadium, but this is football.”


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