Pictures: Meet the actress, Dima Kandalaft, the star of “You Who Are”


Dima Kandalaft is a Syrian actress and singer, and she was born in 1979, and she is a singer and champion of swimming, and she was shot in the face because of Mejri’s longing. She also studied in the Faculty of Economics and started her artistic career by singing in the Choir Al Farah band.

Pictures: Meet the artist, Dima Kandalaft, Najma "who are you"

The most important information about Dima Kandalaft, star of the “You Who Are” program:

Then Dima Kandalaft moved to acting in 2001 and was known for providing bold roles, and participated in a large number of important Syrian works, and in 2015 she married the Syrian Minister of Economy, Hammam Al-Jazaery.

And she raised a lot of controversy during her marriage because of the difference of religions because she is a Christian and he is a Muslim and he is a politician, and she participated in programs, including your appearance is not strange in 2014, while in the program You Maine was able to deceive everyone in the first episode and everyone thought that she was a man.

Pictures: Meet the artist, Dima Kandalaft, Najma "who are you"

And who managed to reach the semi-final episode and all the investigators were able to discover her character, except for the artist Hassan Al-Raddad

She also had a difficult accident during filming the series The Invasion, directed by Shawqi Al-Majri in 2002, and she was injured during filming a scene with a bullet down her face. The filming was in a remote area. She felt collapsed because her face was the most important thing in her work, but in the end the wound did not leave a large trace.

Pictures: Meet the artist, Dima Kandalaft, Najma "who are you"

Dima Kandalaft was recently criticized after her participation in the fourth part of the prestige series, and the audience described her performance in the series as pretension and presented a radio program specializing in love stories on the Syrian Radio City.


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