Pictures of “a meteor in a schoolyard” .. Even “NASA” fell into a trap


And according to photos circulating on social media widely, there was talk of a fall meteor In a schoolyard in Queensland, northeastern Australia.

After the images spread, the US Aerospace and Aviation Administration requested (NASAFrom the school administration for an explanation, until the news came with certainty.

It turned out that the little stone, the smoke, and the burning grass, was just a task from the elementary school administration, in which it asked students to simulate what would happen if a meteor fell to the ground.

Pictures on social media showed that the meteorite moved several meters into the school yard, spewing out smoke, leaving a horizontal crater.

The strange pictures captured the attention of many Queensland residents, and their posting on social media attracted thousands of comments.

School Principal Mark Allen said: “We have received numerous calls from all over the world asking for an explanation of what happened, including NASA that asked us to submit a report to Kennedy Space Center“.

But the truth is that the whole event is part of a school assignment.

The school asked its students to act as if a meteor had fallen to the ground, including reporting any information about it and interviewing “witnesses”.

Allen described what happened as “very exciting and interesting at the same time.”

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