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Good and wonderful work for the state to now line the bottom of canals as part of the water conservation plan, after the era of water abundance has ended and this is required .. But why do not we take a more beneficial step? Here we are talking about the area occupied by canals, waterways and winds .. We will not say These canals and their tributaries have a length of 33 thousand kilometers … not only canals … but also the sanctuary of every canal … Why do not we cancel these canals and turn them into huge pipelines, and imagine how many acres we will gain if we convert the irrigation system from the canal to the pipes .. We say this while we are doing the impossible by invading the desert and trying to convert some of them into agricultural land … not only in the delta and around the course of the Nile, but in what we are assessing now from the invasions of the desert.

Simply put: Why do we follow the same methods of transferring water to irrigate these areas in the cultivation projects of any new land … and imagine how many acres we gain from this step … which can be considered a step towards abolishing the idea of ​​a surface canal to become water channels but underground .. and imagine that we will save what goes From water to underground .. We provide annual and periodic maintenance of these canals, which are astronomical figures .. And if it is difficult to cancel the canals immediately – because of the financial costs – who is better ?? We are applying this idea to the new earth. We say that, and Egypt is now trying to cultivate 500 thousand feddans in the new land .. It is certain that we will gain in several ways. The first is to cultivate the land occupied by canals and watersheds … and provide what we allocate for the maintenance and periodically cleansing of these canals … as due to the accumulation of weeds in the course of these canals, the arrival of irrigation water to the ends of the canals is delayed, a problem that Egypt has been facing for hundreds of years.

Why do not we start this idea in the new land … and then go after that to the desert lands, where the rate of water infiltration increases into the ground. Rather, we say that the water seepage under the ground of the delta led to the “drumming” of the land … and therefore this land is no longer suitable for horticultural agriculture .

■ The era of water abundance has ended … and we have reached the era of water scarcity … and we do not know what the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam issue will reach … and the decrease in the per capita share of this water..Calculate how many billion pounds Egypt will spend on the costs of lining the canals..and also what it costs The process of cleansing these canals.

Can this turn into a national project? The lesson is what we will get from agricultural production for the land if we succeed in replacing these canals with networks of pipes .. What does the Ministry of Irrigation say ?!

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