Pirlo explains why Ronaldo was upset after his substitution in the Inter Milan match


Pirlo explains why Ronaldo was upset after his substitution in the Inter Milan match


Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo admitted that his team learned from the lesson it had received against Inter Milan, on January 17th, after it suffered a severe defeat (0-2) in the Italian league.

Juventus avenged his loss to Inter in the league, and yesterday, Tuesday, won by two goals to one, in the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-final.

Pirlo said in a statement after the match: “We were not the team that appeared against Inter in the league, it was a wrong match, but it was also a valuable lesson for us, and we learned from the mistakes we made in that match.”

He added, “We only played the first round and did not achieve anything yet. What we get out of this match is that if we are in a state of complete concentration it will be difficult for any team to play against us, we know our strength.”

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The Juventus coach raises the anger of Ronaldo in the Inter Milan match (video)

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo seemed unhappy after his substitution in the 76th minute, but Pirlo explained the decision that he wanted to keep his striker in good shape before a busy period.

Pirlo explained, “I told him he had to go out because an important match awaited us on Saturday (against Roma in the league), so it was right that we let him catch his breath.

He continued: “He plays many consecutive matches, so he needs some rest from time to time.”

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