Prosecutor for the ring tower: violating the owner and the owner grieved the refusal of reconciliation


05:32 PM

Tuesday 02nd February 2021

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Public Prosecution revealed new details about the “Tower Ring” fire incident in the Kerdasa Center district.

The prosecution stated in a statement today, Tuesday, that the engineering department in the center and city of Kerdasa has deposited a report in which it has proven – as well as the “director of organization in the center” in the investigations – that the basement, ground floor and mezzanine of the property have been exploited in a commercial activity that is storing shoes, which led to the presence of materials that accelerate ignition in these places. , Even though the real estate authority from abroad does not suggest the existence of such activity or any other activity.

The engineering administration added that the building was issued a “misdemeanor to manage a facility without a license” against the owner of the property, as it was found that a building permit was not issued for him and could not be issued because it was located outside the urban space and was built on agricultural land on the outskirts of the Ring Road.

It was evident that some engineers in the city and center of Kerdasa did not take legal measures by those in charge of those violations, which caused damages to be achieved in the failure to issue records of these violations and failure to follow up, not counting the fines and collecting them from the violators, and building on land outside the urban space, and proving a different name for the perpetrator of the violations The real thing is what resulted in the occurrence of the incident that is the subject of the investigation, and that it became evident that the violating property owner submitted a request for reconciliation for the violations he committed.

For the fourth day, smoke continued to rise from the tower amid the intense presence of police, civil protection and traffic, and traffic returned to normal on the ring road leading to Mariouteya and Al-Haram.

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