Putting it on the oxygen machine … the fact that Houria Farghali’s health deteriorated


Actress Houria Farghali is undergoing the first surgical operation on the face today, inside a hospital in America.

In the past hours, it was rumored that her health condition had deteriorated and that she was placed on an oxygen machine.

The program “ET Arabic” revealed the details of the health condition of the artist Houria Farghali, citing a source close to her among one of her companions, indicating that she is still preparing to make arrangements and preparations for the surgery, which is scheduled to dawn today, Thursday, which will be in two stages.

The source explained that Houria is currently on an “oxygen” device in preparation for the operation, which lasts about 9 hours, in order for the “blood” in the body to be filled with oxygen, so that the doctor can perform the first operation with the presence of a large amount of oxygen in the blood, specifically in Facial area.

Several press sources reported that the American doctor in charge of Horeyah Farghali’s operation surprised her that he would perform 3 direct surgeries, the first would be next Thursday at five in the morning, which is about building the great body, and then the second operation will take place 20 days after the surgery The first, and it will be about placing the bones in place, and the third and final operation will be 20 days after the second operation, which is a rehabilitation of a nymph to put the bones in the right place directly so that it returns to its normal shape.


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