Pyramid Tower “alarm bell” | Concrete civilization on the banks of the ring .. green


10:47 PM

Monday 01 February 2021

The fire was still burning inside a residential tower adjacent to the Ring Road in the Haram area, for the third day in a row, despite the attempts of the Civil Protection Forces to control the fire.

The burning property was built in 2013 without a license, and the Giza Governorate was in the process of removing it, but after the issuance of the law for reconciliation in building violations, the property owner submitted a request for reconciliation. The governor of Giza said that the competent committee refused to reconcile, pointing out that the 16-storey real estate applicant submitted a grievance after his request for reconciliation was rejected.

The accident brought back memories about what Masrawy published about two years ago about (the civilization of concrete on the banks of the Ring Road … Green will not return); After the ring road became an ugly cancer with its causes, he managed the whole of Egypt, in various forms, and made the farmer a merchant and the highest aspirations of the citizen to obtain an apartment in “red bricks” next to the ring road, and replaced the river civilization after more than 7 thousand years The ancient Egyptians wrapped around a fresh strip of water, dyeing the lands around it green.

See the file via Cross Media >> Green will not return

Follow the developments of the Ring Tower fire in Al-Haram (Press here)

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