Qais Saeed brings the “Zaqfouna” back to the fore … and raises the confusion of the Tunisians during an official meeting! (Video)


Qais Saeed returns


Tunisian President Kais Said

The phrase “I will let you know, so carry me a zafouna”, which Tunisian President Qais Saeed borrowed from the message of forgiveness to Abu Ala Al Maari during an official meeting, caused a sensation on social networking sites.

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Tunisia ... Qais Said responds to those who suggested resorting to

During his meeting with the Secretary-General of the Tunisian Labor Union, Noureddine Taboubi, yesterday, Wednesday, when addressing the issue of the government’s taking the constitutional oath following the ministerial modification, Saeed said, “If they consider the oath to be a mere procedure … even passing the path on Judgment Day can be considered a mere procedure. Even pronouncing the Shahada is just a procedure. ”

He added, “Their position reminded me of Ibn al-Qarih’s position in the letter of forgiveness to al-Maari.“ If you are blinded by my command, carry me a girdle. ”He said,“ What do you stand up for? ”He replied, to carry him behind his back and hit him with a blow that he entered paradise … “.

President Kais Saied’s statement raised the question of a large number of Tunisians about the meaning of the word “zaqfouna”, which was mentioned in the message of forgiveness in which Al-Maari adopted irony and imagination to formulate a set of messages and purposes.

Although the house is famous, the word has become the most popular on the social network, as Qais Saeed blasted it and brought it back to the fore.

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Al-Maari explained his famous house: “Six, if you are blinded, I command you, so carry me a gazebo,” that a person carries another person behind him, or back to back and walk. The carrier is walking forward, the mobile is facing forward, but it is walking back.

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