Qalyubia security: We have not received a report of an incident of a petrol station worker urinating


05:43 PM

Wednesday 03 February 2021

Qalyubia – Osama Alaa El-Din:

A security source in Qalyubia said that the security services and the transit police investigation department had not received any reports regarding the incident of a gas station worker urinating in a “car gas tank”, at a petrol station, at the crossing.

The source added, in press statements today, that no report on the incident has been released yet, and that the relevant agencies are examining the video. To ascertain the truth of the incident and the timing and circumstances of its filming.

The security services had monitored the circulation of a video of the urination of a gas station worker in a “car gasoline tank”, instead of putting a petrol pistol to supply the car, after social media users circulated him greatly.

The video showed a gas station worker urinating in the tank, and another next to him, which attracted the attention of many social media users, denouncing this action.

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