Rare photos from the wedding of Soulaf Fawakherji and Wael Ramadan ignite the media


Follow-up – Rana Youssef

The pioneers of social media have re-published rare photos from the wedding of the artists Wael Ramadan and Solaf Fawakherji, which was held 22 years ago, and their features appeared beautiful and spontaneous, as if the pictures were taken of them last night.

The photos ignited social platforms and pages, as the duo enjoyed wide audiences in the Arab world. Especially after Fawakherji played the role of Asmahan, who is considered one of the most famous series in the last two decades. The marriage did not affect their career.

Slaf is considered one of the most beautiful women in the Arab world, as she enjoys a natural beauty that has not been spoiled by plastic surgery, like other artists.

She married Wael Ramadan in 1999 and has two sons, Hamza and Ali.


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