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When will your happiness be achieved? .. Everyone feels happiness in his own way .. whether by buying a new house or a new car or making a sweet trip to beautiful areas .. Personally, I saw happiness in being without, and I considered dispensing a great blessing .. So is it achieved by dispensing as I imagined or Satisfied? .. I have nothing to do with those who are insatiable and interested in hoarding money!

On my trip to Luxor and Aswan, I felt that happiness is achieved by contentment .. This is a driver who raises his family from a Model 77 taxi and is satisfied with the least amount and does not negotiate with you and accepts the pounds he took and thanks his Lord and does not eat anything throughout the day and closes his mouth with a muzzle, and this is a house owner with 3 or 4 rooms and you did not hear from him that he dreams of a hotel, but he is satisfied anyway!

The workers I met at the antiquities sites are looking for fifty pounds a day … and they sell accessories for less than their price during the periods of tourism. Now, I arrived at the plot for ten pounds, and they say there is no tourism, and they see in their eyes a look of contentment, which is the reason for their happiness .. The best of them is an income. The wonder .. although they are better off and better income .. but they do not feel satisfied!

I learned many lessons from people, the most important of which is the blessing of contentment and peace of mind .. These are their homes that are open and not closed, and they offer the duty of hospitality regardless of anything .. They intend you to drink tea .. All ready, please!

We did not go there to see the antiquities, but rather to see the kind people .. This is a country full of treasures, and its permanent treasure are people .. Human resources .. Egypt is sweet for its people .. Humans here are the origin of their kindness, generosity and initiative .. the smile is the origin .. and the word hello And easy .. we consider them rich from chastity .. they carry on their backs a legacy of generosity and you feel with them security .. they do not insult you about anything .. the important thing is that you do not walk from them angry or have a feeling of distress or have any negative remark!

Almost all those who frequent the place used to frequent it, accepting it as it is and enjoying it .. and overlook some negatives and take from everywhere the best of what is in it, a tourist may stay in a place and eat his meals in another place known to serve a certain dish, and people go in and out without being stopped One .. You are welcome in any case, and homes do not close their doors like our ancestors used to be in the countryside!

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