Reda Abdel Aal: Bwalia is not Messi and is wronged in Al-Ahly


Reda Abdel Aal, the former star of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, believes that the performance and result of Al-Ahly against Al-Duhail on Thursday evening in the opening match of the Clubs World Cup was very modest, despite qualifying to meet Bayern in the semi-finals.

Abdel-Al said in televised statements: “The media inflated the value of Al-Duhail team, but it appeared without teeth in the match, and all the stars of the Qatari team that raised a media aura around them did not exist, although Al-Ahly’s performance was not at the required level.”

The former Al-Ahly star continued: “Kahraba was worth participating since the start of the match, and the player has the right to get angry because it is a date written in the player’s records, and I did not understand the reason for Musimani’s defensive reservations, and his bad changes in the second half.”

Abdel-Al continued: “Musimane gave Al-Duhail team greater than its size, and Bwalias exit is a strange mistake. I see that the Congolese striker is wronged at Al-Ahly, and Al-Ahly fans should not wait for Bwalia to do what Messi is doing.”

Abdel-Al revealed that the trio, Ayman Ashraf, Badr Bannon, and Fasha were the best elements that appeared in Al-Ahly in front of Al-Duhail, explaining that Musimani is still unable to find the ideal way to deal with Al-Ahly stars psychologically.

Al-Ahly club qualified for the semi-finals of the Club World Cup to set a date for a heavy-caliber match against Bayern Munich, after the Red Genie won an important and precious victory over the Qatari team Al-Duhail with a clean goal during the match that brought them together on Thursday evening, at the Education City Stadium in the start of the two teams’ journey with a cup The world club, and Al-Ahly’s victory came with a goal that Hussein Al-Shahat scored for Al-Ahly in the 30th minute .

Thus, Al-Ahly will meet Bayern Munich on February 8 in the semi-final of the tournament, which is the third confrontation in the history of the two teams.

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