Report: iOS 14.5 update resolves face print crisis on Apple Watch


Apple came up with a temporary solution that would facilitate the user’s access to his phone while wearing the muzzle, through the Apple Watch, as users were having difficulties opening the phone with a faceprint while wearing masks or masks outside the home and replacing it with the passcode.

Pocket-lint said the new iOS 14.5 update, which is in beta, uses the Apple Watch to quickly authenticate and unlock the iPhone.

And Apple was already offering this convenient trick on the Mac, but now it’s coming to the iPhone as well.

According to a report carried by the Verge, this experience works like a faceprint, by means of the touch feature on the Apple Watch to turn on the screen and give a signal to unlock it.

However, devices are required to be in close proximity for this feature to work, which is a procedure to maintain the security of user data.

Especially Apple Watch, it may only be useful to unlock the iPhone, but there are services that require other authentication such as App Store and iTunes purchases if the face is covered with a mask, and as a final security check, the user will still be required to enter the passcode every few hours even when unlock is enabled. Using Apple Watch.

And this feature hasn’t always been very reliable for some Mac owners, so it will take some tests to see if Apple has made it smoother on the iPhone, which people unlock a lot throughout the day, Android has introduced a similar feature for some time now via the ‘lock’ setting Intelligent. ”

It was rumored (recently by The Wall Street Journal) that Apple is considering switching to an on-screen fingerprint reader to complement the iPhone 13’s Face ID. The latest iPad Air also features a Touch ID fingerprint sensor inside the power button, so Apple definitely has options to give users more. Of options in future iPhones.

IOS 14.5 also includes app tracking transparency controls (and permission popups) that companies like Facebook aren’t happy with.


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