Ronaldo celebrates his 36th anniversary with Juventus … where he used to play Pele and other stars of his age



Ronaldo celebrates his 36th anniversary with Juventus ... where he used to play Pele and other stars of his age


Day after day, Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo confirms that he is an exceptional player in every sense of the word, and completely different from the rest of the football stars who preceded him in professionalism of the game.

Until recently, a football player, who completes his third decade or slightly beyond it, was considered an experienced or old player, and usually preferred to either retire or move to leagues outside the European continent, where the technical and physical level is less, and the financial return is less, before he breaks Ronaldo this rule.

In contrast to top stars such as the Brazilian legend Pele, his fellow “Al-Dhahirah” Ronaldo, the late Argentine Diego Maradona, French Zinedine Zidane, and other stars who ended their careers shortly after the age of 30, or moved to clubs in leagues that could be considered weak, Cristiano Ronaldo is still He plays at the highest level with Juventus, where the “Don”, who celebrates his 36th birthday on Friday, confirmed that the age after 30 is the ideal period in which the player stands out and presents a summary of his experiences, talents and many experiences throughout the years of his playing, which is the age of football maturity And the outstanding tender, and not the beginning of the end of his career, as some believe, and Ronaldos achievements and his figures after the age of 30, confirm all of the above.

In this brief observation, we review where the most prominent former football stars were playing when they reached the age of 36, that is, at the age of Ronaldo, who is still maintaining his peak level and participating in the strongest tournaments.

Brazilian legend Pele – American club New York.

Argentine Diego Maradona – Boca Juniors of Argentina.

– French Zinedine Zidane – retired at this age.

Brazilian Ronaldinho – he couldn’t find a team to play for.

Brazilian Ronaldo – retired at this age.

– The Spanish Xavi – the Qatari dam.

Thierry Henry of France – New York Red Bulls

Brazilian Rivaldo – Bunyodkor Uzbek.

Spaniard Andres Iniesta – Vissel Kobe of Japan.

Source: RT


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