Sada Al Balad: A bride embracing her ex-lover in front of her groom’s eyes … Watch his reaction


Embarrassing video spread, for a hugging moment BrideTo her former lover, before the eyes of her bridegroom; After I took his permission to hug for the last time.

The clip has spread across the TikTok platform، Gaining millions of views, especially after her husband’s painful gaze, after what put her in an unenviable position

And the woman participated، Across Tik Tok Mayangkumay, a guest video of her during her wedding in Malaysia.

The bride left her husband in an embarrassing situation, when she asked him to embrace her ex-lover “for the last time,” and despite his permission and concealing his feelings, jealousy almost killed him. This sparked a wave of sympathy for the groom through the communication sites, and a sharp attack on the bride, as users told him that he deserves better than her, as it made him feel pain.

The clip scored more than 5.5 1 million views On the platform with 385,000 likes and 19,200 comments, after seeing the strange situation.

In the video, the man turns to the spouses to congratulate them on their marriage, and offers to shake hands with the bride, but she turns to her husband before raising her finger in the hope of asking “to embrace her ex-lover for the last time.”

And the bridegroom smiled a dark smile, giving her the green light in a sign of approval, before she wrapped her arms around her ex-boyfriend “in a warm embrace, and it is strange that when he went to shake hands with the grateful groom, the latter pulled him and embraced him instead.”

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