Sada Al-Balad: After a lawsuit was filed against him, the Iraqi broadcaster opens fire on Rania Youssef: I have private messages between us


The Iraqi journalist opens fire on the artist Rania Youssef after his recent decision to file a lawsuit against him after the crisis that arose in the recent period, specifically since the episode that brought them together, interspersed with some bold statements that turned the public opinion on Rania Youssef, specifically because of talking about her charms and talking about the veil in a way. Phage.

Nizar revealed on his page on the social networking site “Facebook” about some details of the episode as well as publishing a video of them confirming her happiness in the meeting and that she would like to visit Iraq and be hosted by the Iraqi media on that visit.

Nizar said: “There are many details that are revealed in the nearest television interview to me, and it will be in audio and video that confirms Rania Youssef’s approval of all questions before filming and recording the meeting, and there are some messages that took place between us confirming that she did not regret having a dialogue with him.”

Nizar added: I played my role as a media person by asking her some questions and her answers were interesting. Is this blaming me as a broadcaster? I imagine that if she did not like the question, she could have deleted it before the episode or not answered completely during the episode.

Nizar published another video from the episode that was broadcasted and currently published on YouTube, specifically the last part of the program, in which Rania Youssef confirms that she enjoys the meeting and hopes to visit Iraq soon through an invitation to submit to her by Nizar.

Nizar commented on the video:Rania Youssef, at the end of the meeting, was happy and asked me to intend her to Baghdad, and after the meeting more than once she asked me to intend and very satisfied with me, and from the program, if he is satisfied with me, why do I turn my mind, but because on the 21st of a month, she has a court in Egypt. .


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