Sada Al Balad: For men only .. When Souad Hosni disguised himself as a man to ride this car


“Extend, O, O Braima, extend, diligently and not preparing … by saying the black gold … is alive, we exploit our intelligence for other needs until we wipe their mustaches and surpass them, meaning, what are we reviewing our muscles … or howl we sit and watch them .. We do not marry them”, for men only The word that caused the outbreak of wars between the daughters of Eve and the sons of Adam, a war that erupted since the beginnings of the liberation of women and their demands for equality head-to-head in various areas of life between them and men, and we do not know when this fire will be extinguished. Is the date approaching?, As it happened in Movie “For men only” or will it remain forever?
“Work in exploration areas is for men only” is a sentence repeated by the director of the General Petroleum Corporation, but if he knew that this sentence had an inspiration and comfort and what they would happen, he would not have uttered it, so this would be the beginning Disaster Then they take advantage of submitting the resignation of the two young men who were assigned to the company to work in the desert.
And because it is the desert, it should have had a distinct means of transportation that would have the ability to walk on desert and rugged roads to transport engineers to various places, and this The Car Ilham and Salwas first collision with male work, as it was a “pick-up” type intended for men only.

In this period of time, not all automobile manufacturers produced pickups, but there were certain companies that specialize in that matter, so whenever an institution produced a new version with a larger engine capacity, its competitor immediately responded to it with another version that outperformed it, and it was among these companies “American Ford” and “Chevrolet”, which are the main characters of our conversation today.

The American automaker Chevrolet, which was founded in 1911, released the pickup that appeared in the movie “for men only.” The American car manufacturer, Chevrolet, which was founded in 1911, but began issuing a line of pickups in 1918, when it made a traditional car that you can install a rear box for it and this is optional to become Pick up.

Film for men was only released in the year 1958, and its power was derived from a 3500 cc six-cylinder engine connected to a manual performance transmission, and it contained a two-door “pickup” rear box. Her models were green.

It is worth noting that a movie for men only starring “Suad Hosni, Nadia Lotfi, Hassan Youssef, Youssef Shaaban, Ihab Nafeh, Amal Ramzy, Muhammad Sobeih, Layla Yusri” and written and directed by Mahmoud Zulfikar, and this film was first shown on November 16. From the year 1964.


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