Schaefer: Bayern’s defense is slow … and you have to stop passing passes to Levandovikse to control it


German Winfried Schaefer, former Cameroon coach, believes that Bayern Munich has defensive problems and has a slow defense and the most important player in its ranks is Lewandoviksi, and in order to control Lewandoviksi, you must see the player who is able to give him the ball constantly and the passes that will reach him must stop because it is the problem and not the problem in Leva only. “

In statements to “Al-Ahly in the World Cup” on Al-Ahly channel, Schaefer said: “I think Kimmich is the one who constantly presents the balls to Lewandowski and after Mueller, and the important thing is for the defense who watches to not go out with him because he will leave an open space.”

He continued: “In Egypt, the big teams like Al-Ahly and Zamalek are in a high league, but the rest of the teams are at a second level, and you have to learn to face a European team, and not all Egyptian teams can advance the level Al-Ahly offers.”

He continued: “Al-Ahly must avoid what happened in the second half in the Al-Duhail match, and it is necessary to skip the midfield and put pressure on the opponent. He is not content with defending only and does not give Bayern the opportunity to control the match.”

He completed: “Al-Ahly is No. 1 in Africa and Egyptian football is the No. 1 ball at the level of Africa, but the team should not give Bayern the opportunity to control the match,” adding: “The Bayern Munich coach preferred to rest a number of players in the Hertha Berlin match for the Al-Ahly match, Bayern will suffer from physical exhaustion due to playing today’s match and traveling to Qatar tomorrow, and Al-Ahly must take advantage of it. “

He stressed: “Al-Ahly must have confidence and focus and not be happy to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup, and stop at this stage, because Egyptian football represents African football.”


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