Schubert: Osama Jalal signed for Al-Ahly for 3 years, and Bannon starred in the reason why the deal was not completed


The journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed that Osama Jalal, the defender of Enppi, who recently joined Pyramids, had signed for Al-Ahly for 3 years earlier, after negotiations were renewed with him more than once, and Schubert said on his radio program: Osama Jalal is the player that Al-Ahly negotiated more than 3 times and the player He signed 3 years with the club, but his luck that Badr Bannon shone with Al-Ahly, as well as the return of Saad Samir, made Al-Ahly dismiss the deal.

He added: Al-Ahly awarded the player the contracts and it was over, and Osama was welcome to join Al-Ahly because he is a professional player.

He added: Zamalek entered into the deal and the player confirmed that he did not have a crisis, especially since he did not participate much in Enppi, but there was a financial crisis in Zamalek, and Pyramids entered into the deal because he saw that he had a defensive crisis and the matter was done.

The players of the first football team of the Pyramids club lined up on both sides to create a corridor to welcome Osama Jalal, the defender of the new team, who is participating for the first time in Pyramids training, after he was contracted during the winter transfer period to support the defense line of the heavenly team, and the young defender participated for the first time in the training of the Pyramids team Yesterday morning, Monday, at the air defense sub-stadium, after completing his transfer to the club yesterday, in preparation for the Enppi match next Wednesday at Petrosport Stadium in the 11th round of the Premier League.

Pyramids ended the transfer deal for Osama Jalal, captain of the Olympic national team, who is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics next summer in Japan, to become a player in the ranks of Pyramids, starting from the winter transfers.

Osama Jalal participated in the first training for the team after being registered locally and Africa, amid a standing ovation from the team’s players and the technical and administrative staff.


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