Security reveals the circumstances of the “Lady of the Pyramid” video


11:36 PM

Thursday 04 February 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

The security services revealed the circumstances of what was circulated on the social networking site regarding the dragging of a woman and her son in the Talbiya area.

The examination revealed that a quarrel had occurred in the Al-Ahram Police Department Department between each of the first party (a housewife – residing in the department) and a second party (a housewife, a company owner – residents of the department).

And that she had been informed by the first party that she had been harmed by the second party because they had beaten her, causing her to be injured (with sporadic abrasions and bruises on the body) due to a verbal altercation between her and one of the housewives of the second party, which developed into a quarrel involving the rest of the second party, due to the existence of previous disputes between the first party The other housewife from the second party on the property resided with the first party to whom they and others inherited the inheritance, and the company owner intervened to buy it, but the first party refused.

Later, she was informed by one of the housewives of the second party that she was harmed by the first party for having insulted her and placed a surveillance camera directed at the apartment where she lived.

After the legalization of the procedures, two of the second party were arrested and confronted with them, they supported what was mentioned in the examination. The necessary legal measures have been taken.

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