Set fire to the warehouse … a merchant’s ploy to obtain an insurance policy with


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Friday 05 February 2021

Books – Alaa Omran:

The security services managed to arrest those accused of setting fire to a fodder store, and it was found that a merchant had agreed with others to set fire to the warehouse to take advantage of the insurance policy worth 4 million pounds.

Faqous Police Station received a report of a fire in a store of animal feed in Al-Birum village, the center’s district.

Civil Protection Forces moved to the scene of the incident. It was found that the fire broke out in a warehouse under a two-story house dedicated to storing fodder and pesticides owned by (feed dealer – resident of the center’s district), and the fire was controlled and extinguished without injuries.

The owner of the store suggested that the cause was a result of a short circuit, and added that the people saw a person and his clothes were on fire in the vicinity of the store, and he took off those clothes and left and showed the effects of a fire inside them (a receipt for receiving an ID card in the name of a person).

With the intensification of investigations, it was revealed that the owner of the store was in financial difficulty due to his large debts and his borrowing a sum of money from one of the banks, and his participation with (his son, uncle – a resident of the Center Department) in agreement with (one of the persons – a resident of the Shebin Al-Qanater Police Station in Qalyubia) to set fire to the store to benefit from a document Insurance of the store against theft and fire at an amount of (4 million pounds), so the latter used both (two workers – one of whom was the person who was wearing the found jacket – residing in the Shebin al-Qanater Center in Qalyubia) to set fire to the store.

The security services were able to control the owner of the store and his son, and the rest of the accused were found, except for one of them, “a fugitive”, in the Burn Hospital in Sharqia, and they were kept in custody.

In confronting them, they confessed to the incident. The owner of the store and his son added that they had prepared 6 jerry cans containing petrol and placed it inside the store and accompanied the rest of the defendants to the store, where they drove inside and poured petrol and set fire to it. During their exit, they suffered burns to the face, hands and feet, and one of them threw their jacket to the hospital. .

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