Shabana to Al Youm Al Sabea TV: Pyramids is considering the overthrow of Hani Saeed


The journalist Mohamed Shabana revealed in his program “With Shabana” on “The Seventh Day TV” that the management of the Pyramids Club is considering removing Hani Saeed from the position of football supervisor. For his failure to control the stars of the team, as more than one player complained about him due to the manner of treatment followed by Hani Saeed, which caused disturbing the mood of the players and led to a drop in the level and results in the last period.

He pointed out that the Pyramids administration is seriously considering overthrowing Hani Saeed or changing his position and removing him from dealing with players, with the help of a “big star” who has a name and history in football and has the personality that qualifies him to deal with the stars of the team, and impose a state of firmness within the ranks of the team , Who is currently suffering from a lack of control of the dressing room.

He explained that the tripartite committee of the Football Association agreed with the Spanish company responsible for the application of video technology in the Egyptian league to amend the system of payment of dues in the next stage, as the committee agreed to reduce the price of the technology in one match in the league to 1800 euros instead of 3000 euros, provided that Jabaliya will pay An additional 53 thousand dollars a month for the Spanish company.

He pointed out that this comes at a time when the previous five-year committee of Jabalia had chosen another payment system, which is to bear 3000 euros as a price for video technology in the unit match, with 700 thousand dollars being paid in the last year of the contract in anticipation of any emergency circumstances that may occur.

Media journalist Mohamed Shabana appears through his program “With Shabana” on the page “The Seventh Day” 3 days a week, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm, and deals with sporting events and files on winter transfers as well as players’ crises with their clubs, and everything new in the sports community.

The program “With Shabana” on the pages of “The Seventh Day” deals with all the sports files and issues on the football arena, the most important of which are behind the scenes of the last hours deals of the winter Mercato, and what is going on inside the poles of the leaked ball and their new deals in the upcoming summer transfers.


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