Shady Mohamed to Ramadan Sobhi: Congratulations on you, the money, and congratulations on Al-Ahly


Shady Mohamed, the former Al-Ahly club captain, sent a strong message to Ramadan Sobhy, the Pyramids game maker, who left the Red Castle at the beginning of the current season. Mohsen, although it is a single deal and has not been repeated, this is not logic.

Wasel: If you were following the example of Al-Ahly in prices, why did you not follow the championships, and there are clubs that emerged only to attack Al-Ahly and fight it, but their fate will not bear the fans of the club and will not bear the competition, and you will return to the speed of the missile, and I say to Ramadan, congratulations on you, the money and congratulations on us the championships.

He added: If he offered me up to 200 million, I would not accept leaving the club, how would I walk in the street and face the fans and be ashamed of them, Shady Mohamed does not compare to a player who played two years and walked, and I was taking the General League and Africa and playing all the matches, and I know the best of Al-Ahly well, and I am walking from I left the club forced and my soul was complete, even without money.

He concluded: The money I did for you would you put them in the bank and work with them, uh after this, you would have remained a rule for everyone who works like you, walk but in the way that befits you, I played 12 years in Al-Ahly with ten generations in the club, but Omar did not make my father an intervention talking about me, is my father Cristiano makes his entries talking about him, and my father is at home not with every match he makes an interference justifying a mistake.


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