Shakiras birthday … information you did not know about the pop star “to know people from their smell”


The Colombian pop star of Lebanese origin, Shakira enjoys wide fame, thanks to her youthful voice and songs, and her fame has made her the focus of attention of many people who are always looking for information about her that satisfies their curiosity, and despite this not much is known about some of the information indicated by the site. colombiaWhich we review in this report, on the occasion of Shakiras birthday.

Information that little is known about the international singer Shakira

Do not want to wake up my mind

Shakira hates getting up early, so when she is not forced to wake up early, all work is put off until 11 am.

Singer Shakira
Singer Shakira

Her father caused her love for good

The reason for her love to do good is that her father once took her to see one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city in Colombia, and she witnessed the life of the poor closely, which made her when she had a lot of money to donate to the poor of Colombia and interest in charity.

Shakira founded the Barefoot Foundation, a Colombian charity that aims to help the poor, especially children, and help them enroll in school.

Shakira's birthday
Shakiras birthday

Her real name

Not many know Shakiras real name, which is Shakira Isabel Mubarak Ripoll, and the last two are her surname.

The song Waka Waka changed her life

Shakira confirmed in one of the press interviews that the song “Waka Waka” completely changed her life, and has a special meaning for her, because thanks to her she met her lover, the famous football player Gerard Pique.

Shakira and Pique
Shakira and Pique

You know people from her smell

The famous singer has a strong sense of smell, as she once confirmed that she can get to know people better by their scent rather than their faces or names.

It collects cars

Shakira collects priceless cars like a Mercedes-Benz SLK Which is estimated at about 44,000 dollars, and because she is a fan of this brand, she has many other models such as S600 And SL550 And GLK, It also has BMW X6 و. Woody A7 .

Shakira's car
Shakiras car

Make art forms from clay

One of Shakiras hobbies is making art designs out of clay, which she keeps inside her home.


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