“She asked me to intend it.” The announcer of the “The Backside Ring” breaks his silence after Rania Youssef announces his prosecution


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The Iraqi broadcaster Nizar Al-Faris talked about the artist Rania Youssef, pointing out that she was completely satisfied with the television meeting between them before it was broadcast on the Iraqi Al-Rashidi channel, and she pointed out that she wanted to eat Iraqi food during his time with Nizar, and his words came in response to the artist’s complaint. An official letter sent to the Iraqi embassy in Cairo against the broadcaster “Al Faris” and the channel that broadcast the episode.

“Al-Faris” said on “Instagram”: “Rania Youssef, at the end of the meeting, was happy and asked me to intend her to Baghdad, and after the meeting more than once, she asked me to intend it and was very satisfied with me and from the program. She complains about me, and her spirit is generally saved. Judgment is between me and her.

Hours before her, he spoke during a video, saying: “A question to Rania Youssef, if you are satisfied, why did you refer to the program you have in social media, and why did you tell me after the episode by flicking a message telling me my age, I do not regret that I made the dialogue, and I asked you a question and I killed me: Your ass is special, what is my fault? I asked you a question .. You are not a teenager, you are an old woman, and you knew all the points of the questions, and I have evidence that will exculpate me before the Egyptian and Iraqi courts. ”

And he continued: “Rania Youssef raised a legal case against me, although she knew the questions of the program in the nearest television interview, he was informed and clarified everything that happened.” The announcer’s words came after the artist launched a media statement, announcing her readiness to sue the broadcaster and the channel in the Iraqi courts, and she said in The statement: “It is customary that every profession has a strict and clear law that regulates it with specific provisions and articles.”

And she continued: “But it is known that every profession has a human honor charter in addition to rigid articles of law, as the code of honor is tantamount to the shadow of the law and the media code of honor compels media workers to respect their guests and respect their desire to news about themselves in the way they want, especially if they are these guests. Celebrities in society, especially in the fact that I had taken a decision to limit or abstain from press or television interviews.

And she continued: “The very meetings that depend on publishing the video recording through the means of communication, requesting more views, as the culture of (trend), which in many cases requires nothing but cutting and changing the content of the speech, and showing grouped clips of the dialogue Promo gives false and distorted meaning of what was said throughout the duration of the dialogue , But after the insistence of an Iraqi broadcaster, with all my love and appreciation for the dear people of Iraq and the Iraqi public.

And she continued: “This broadcaster sent many messages, insisting that my meeting with his channel on the night of the head of the year will be a great victory for him in his field of work and that the channel does not have the budget that makes it pay the sums that public figures and artists receive and after constant insistence, I agreed to hold the meeting without any financial compensation. In appreciation of the large Iraqi audience .. But during the dialogue, I was surprised at some other than what we might call Samja. The automatic response from me was that I would answer with some sarcasm and laughter, and this is a well-known way to confront Samajah.

And she went on: «This type of question is about the clothes of female artists in general in festivals. I repeated a sarcastic response that was removed from its context, and I said that I laugh and do not speak seriously, and that in the minute segment only 2. 37 to 2. 39 (When I try to joke with you all the time) I said that I was shouting with you, and that is in the full version of the episode for 50 minutes, then I completed an answer, and my use of the noble Qur’an was not (as for the grace of your Lord so it happened) It has anything to do with the context except for the beauty of the artists or their clothes. I said the text after This verse was martyred in the next 3 minutes. 17 to 3. 22 I did not mean in the body, I did not mean in life, so when you have a sweet need, show it to people. ».

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