“She is performing a delicate operation in her nose.” Rania Mahmoud Yassin asks for prayer


1:47 AM

Tuesday 02nd February 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajami

The artist, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, asked her fans and followers to pray to the artist Houria Farghali, who is undergoing an operation on Tuesday in the United States.

Rania published a picture of a mermaid through her account on the “Instagram” website, and commented: “Oh Lord, heal you and heal you, my sweetest sister and friend .. Oh Lord, my love, you come back with a thousand safety and check all yourself in it while you are in health and wellness, and may God grant you safety, God willing.”

She added, “Please pray for Houria because tomorrow she will undergo a delicate operation on her nose in America .. Your prayers to her for a speedy recovery, health and wellness and for her to return with a thousand safety.”

The artist Houria Farghali recently revealed details of her suffering due to the abandonment of her colleagues in the artistic community, after her illness, deformation of her nose, and her absence from artworks about two years ago.

Houria explained in a telephone interview with the media, Asma Mustafa on the “This Morning” program on the “Extra News” channel, that she has been waiting for about a year for the opening of the American embassy in Cairo, in order to obtain a travel visa and go for a final surgery there, pointing out that she has lived alone since the beginning Corona crisis and she does not go out of her house at all so that people do not see it.

She added that she is in good health, but there has been a major change in her shape and voice due to the deformation of her nose, in addition to losing her sense of taste and smell completely about 3 years ago. He felt the smell of smoke … Our Lord is indebted. Yes, I know its value other than now. ”

Houria confirmed that she was very upset because of some people’s comments that what happened to her was due to plastic surgery, pointing out that she won the title of Miss Egypt and did not need any plastic surgery at all, but she had an accident on the horse farm and a horse fell over her and broke her nose completely, and since Then the operations did not stop, and her nose did not return to normal.

I continued: “I, the horse, fell completely over me and on my own … I don’t have a nose … a difficult process because it is not just a shape, not its nose pockets, and I taste and smell, and my voice returns to normal … I am locking myself up for 10 months. I look outside my sleep because I don’t want someone to see and compare My look is now with me before that. ”

Houria Farghali expressed her annoyance at the artists abandoning her, after she moved away from the art scene, adding: “When I was successful, there were many people around … But when I sat to treat someone beside me .. My phone was Burnish, no one asked sincerely. I stood beside them and was late in need. Suddenly, I forgot about them as if they did not know me. ”


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