She revealed the reason before her death .. Why did Nadia Lotfy stay away from acting for 27 years?


A year has passed since the departure of the great artist, Nadia Lotfi, who left our world on this day, corresponding to February 4 of last year, 2020, after a journey of artistic, patriotic and human tender that lasted until the last days of her life.

Nadia Lotfy, the owner of the heart and the resistant mind, always rejecting the idea of ​​surrendering even to disease, which until the last days of her life struggled with death while preserving her smile and strong spirit.

Nadia Lotfy, who was born in the Abdeen neighborhood and whose real name is Paula Mohamed Mostafa Shafiq, was not just an artist with a huge balance of creativity and artistic glow that made her the common denominator and the key word in the success of a number of the greatest Egyptian cinema films, as she acquired a large number among the 100 greatest films in cinema. Including «The Mummy, Nasser Saladin, Sins, My Father on the Tree, The Impossible, Quail and Autumn .. And others», but it was a human condition, a model of life, struggle, patriotism and heroism far beyond being a creative artist, which made her sit on the throne of hearts despite her departure from acting since its introduction Her last artistic work was in 1993, “The Nass Wlad Nass series” on television, and the film The Legal Father in Cinema in 1988.

Nadia Lotfy obtained a diploma from the German School in 1955, and her father was an accountant and lover of art and cinema, and director Ramses Naguib discovered her, and chose her name “Nadia Lotfi”, a quote from Faten Hamama Nadias character in the film No Sleep by Ihssan Abdel Quddous, and she presented her first work in cinema in 2000. 1958 through the movie “Sultan”.

In the last interview we had with the great artist Nadia Lotfy before her death, she explained the lack of her television and theatrical work, which was limited to one series entitled “People of the Children of People” in 1993, and a play with a muggish bulb in the early seventies, saying: I am not a television girl, and this experience was presented as a kind of diversity This also applies to my only experience in the theater. I love cinema, and I benefited from knowledge and experience from my experiences in theater and television that added to me in cinema.

For the seventh day, the late actress revealed the reason for her departure from cinema for many years before her departure despite her ability to give, and she answered with a laugh and said: “I am one of the actors who quickly concluded the curriculum, and I am not ready to repeat years and previous models that she presented, and I had a line in the renaissance of the film and drama industry, She presented new experiences in industry and drama, including the impossible movie by Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud, the mummy, the barrier, and Nasser Salah El-Din.

She explained: “When the graph of cinema began to decline and there was a decline in the drama, I decided to preserve my dignity and my art, so I had to stop, because my respect for my art exceeds my love and my passion for working in cinema.”

She added, “There was a kind of disorientation, and the first decade was dissolved, and there was no longer a form of cinema, so I decided to move away because I do not like half-solutions.”

Nadia Lotfy presented films from the Egyptian cinema brands, in which she collaborated with great writers, directors and artists, including Naguib Mahfouz, Ihssan Abdel Quddous, Mustafa Mahmoud, Youssef Shaheen, Hussein Kamal, Shady Abdel Salam and others, and she acquired 6 films in the ranking of the 100 best films in the history of Egyptian cinema, which are “ Al-Nasser Salah El-Din, the impossible, my father on the tree, sins, fat and autumn, and the mummy in which she appeared as a guest of honor in the role of “Zina”. Despite this, she was able to draw attention with a performance described by critics as a genius, and the film won a large number of international awards, and was classified as the best film Arabic.


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