Shocking video .. arrest of two policemen involved in the “Pepper Child” incident


“Unfortunately, the laws of the state (New York) And the collective labor contract prevents me from taking faster and more serious action. “

The statement did not clarify the number of police officers included in the decision to suspend them from work, but pointed out that the suspension of their duties will continue until the end of the internal investigation that was opened by Rochester Police into this incident.

According to footage taken by a camera attached to a policeman’s clothes and broadcast by the city police on Sunday, at least seven policemen were present when the child was arrested Friday.

According to Deputy Police Chief Andre Andersen, the girl, whose identity has not been revealed, suffered an emergency psychological crisis, during which she threatened to kill her mother and commit suicide.

The scenes showed the police, who were summoned to the scene, trying to stabilize the child and stop her, then handcuff her behind her back before forcing her to get into their car.

While the child was sitting in the back seat of the car with her hands cuffed behind her back, she was screaming and resisting. So one of the police officers sprayed her with pepper spray to burst out with screaming.

The police confirmed that their officers “had” to use handcuffspepper spray To ensure the child’s safety.

The video clip sparked reactions across city and state boundaries.

Despite the snow that fell on Monday and the temperature fell below zero, dozens of people gathered in Rochester to protest the way the police dealt with the child.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement Monday that “Rochester must face a real problem of holding its police accountable.”

According to Anderson, the police officers did not want to shackle the child to arrest her, but took her to a hospital, which is what happened, and she was discharged after a few hours.

This is the second time in a year that Rochester police have been involved in acts of violence since the death of African-American Daniel Broad, who was suffering from psychological disorders after being strangled by police officers after being arrested in March.

Brod was walking naked in very low temperatures, when police officers put a cloth bag around his head to prevent him, according to what they said, from spitting, because he said he was infected with the Coronavirus. They kept him on the ground by force until he lost consciousness, and subsequently died.

After the autopsy, the Forensic Medical Institute concluded that the death was a homicide linked to “asphyxia after my body was tied.”

The scandal led to demonstrations in the city and in the state calling for reforms in the Rochester police, and prompted its captain, Laron Singletary, to leave his post in September.

The death of Daniel Broad is reminiscent of the deaths of George Floyd and Briona Taylor, also of African descent, during their forcible arrest, which has led to hundreds of demonstrations in the United States since May.

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