Soon … the first vaccine with a single dose – Covid-19


The world is awaiting the approval of a new American vaccine, in a single dose, to become the third vaccine approved by the United States after it approved the “Pfizer – Biontech” and “Moderna” vaccines.

The third vaccine is produced by Johnson & Johnson, which yesterday submitted a request to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to authorize its new vaccine, which has two important logistical advantages, namely the ability to store it at normal refrigerant temperatures, which facilitates its distribution. From just one dose, it became the first of its kind. According to the Middle East newspaper.

Johnson & Johnson pledged to ship 100 million doses to the United States before the end of June.

According to the preliminary results of clinical trials announced by the company, which were conducted on about 44 thousand people in 8 countries, the vaccine was generally effective at 66 percent, while its effectiveness rose to 85 percent in terms of its ability to prevent severe symptoms of the virus.

Meanwhile, the number of new infections registered with the Coronavirus in the world decreased for the third week in a row, reaching its lowest levels since late October.



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