Sources of zinc and its benefits for the human body


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Sources of zinc and its benefits for the human body

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Dr. Cynthia Sass, a famous American nutritionist, declared that zinc is one of the most important mineral elements for health, as it provides the body with energy, strengthens the immune system and improves the metabolism.

And the specialist points out that zinc has a positive effect on the state of the brain. According to the results of a scientific study conducted in 2017, changes in the balance of zinc in the brain are associated with Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline and depression.

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The other important role of zinc is to restore the body, and to maintain the health of the skin and mucous membranes, which helps to speed up wound healing. And adds specialist, and zinc deficiency also affects appetite.

So what are the food items that contain zinc.

Zinc is found in foodstuffs of animal as well as plant source. The main animal sources are oysters, beef, crab, lobster (lobster), pork and yogurt. The vegetarian sources are cooked legumes, pumpkin seeds, sesame, cashews, chickpeas, lentils, quinoa, oats and grains.

According to her, an adult man (over 19 years old) needs 11 milligrams of zinc per day, and women 8 milligrams. A pregnant and breastfeeding woman needs 11-12 milligrams. For example, a cup of cooked beans contains 5.8 milligrams of zinc.

The expert says, “Getting zinc from food is more than nutrients, because zinc-containing materials contain important nutrients, including proteins, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, as well as health-promoting antioxidants.”

Source: Novosti


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