Steam’s February Game Festival will feature over 500 playable demos


The upcoming Steam Game Festival is set to begin on February 3, giving you access to playable game offerings for more than 500 upcoming titles, and Valve began hosting the virtual festival last year amid the coronavirus pandemic after canceling in-game industry events such as the Game Developers Conference. The developer has made quite a few iterations of the festival since then, and it has become a vehicle for highlighting titles from indie game developers.

Valve has released a sneak peek at some of the games that will be shown, especially a handful of action and strategy titles, as the action titles that you will be able to try include Almighty: Kill Your Gods from Runwild Entertainment, which will make you defend your island from giant monsters Either on your own or with friends.

There is also Bloodroots from Paper Cult which is a hyper-hit game about revenge, while Slipgate Ironworks’ Graven is a fictional FPS, and there is also Steel Assault that debuted in Zenovia, a 16-bit platformer set in post-apocalyptic America , And Kingshunt’s multiplayer hack and slash tower defense game.

Also, among some of the strategy games that you will be able to try include Floppy Knights from Rose City Games, which includes knights summoned from floppy disks, there is also a Timberborn mechanic, a city builder with animals, and The Riftbreaker from Exor Studios.

The latter is a base building game with action RPG elements where you play a character in a Mika suit who is able to travel in dimensional crevices, finally, Dream Engines: Nomad Cities by Suncrash is a survival building game with flying cities.

Steam Game Festival will run in February for six days, and it will also give you a chance to chat with the developers and watch live billboards and gameplay shows.


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