Steps … How to grow mint at home


Green mint is one of the easiest leafy vegetables that you can grow at home, which only requires some live mint, soil, water, and constant sun care.

With the many uses and benefits of mint, we will learn together all the details of growing mint at home in the easiest way and steps to get the best natural mint.

Cultivation steps:
Cut a sprig from the mint plant, use the last half of the mint stalk with the root, or buy seedlings.
A mint sprig is planted and the bottom is planted in a pot mixed between clay and sand.
Leave part of the mint branch protruding without being covered by soil.
Leave the mint pot in a well-ventilated area that gets good sunlight.The mint plant is watered daily in order to continue its growth and the new leaves appear.

But the soil should be clay suitable as the clay is mixed with it to reduce its density and allow the roots to breathe and move, and the clay can be purchased ready for planting.

The pot is plastic or clay, or an empty paint can or “bucket”, with the need to perforate the pot from the bottom to prevent rotting of the roots.

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