Sudden developments in the case of the murder of model Zeina Kanjo at the hands of her husband


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Experienced The case of killing Zina Kanjo The accused in which her husband is accused of new developments during the past hours, after the Public Prosecutor in Lebanon issued an indictment against a husband Lebanese model.

Counsel explained Zeina Kanjo family The Appeal Public Prosecutor in Beirut charged the deceased’s husband, Ibrahim Ghazal, with the felony of Article 549 of the Penal Code relating to premeditated murder, as this charge carries the death penalty.

The Public Prosecutor referred the file to the investigating judge in preparation for issuing an arrest warrant in absentia, to be followed by an international Interpol warrant, preventing the accused from traveling.

And still, Fashion Model Husband The Lebanese woman is in Istanbul until the moment and that members of the Lebanese community have expressed their willingness to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit to pursue the killer on Turkish territory, according to what sources confirmed to Sky News.

The accused husband left Lebanon on the morning of January 30, after the execution of his crime directly through Rafic Hariri International Airport heading to Istanbul. Upon his arrival in Istanbul, he called a friend who asked him to inform the security forces of the occurrence of the crime. And that is according to what security sources revealed.

Zina Kanjo

Zina Kanjos family lawyer revealed in the new details that were announced that the victim’s father had tried to contact her, and this call took place around midnight, meaning Saturday dawn, so she assured him that she was happy and was smoking hookah at the time she called her father, so he expected that the crime would take place between the hour Al-Mousawi expected that the crime took place between 12 pm and 5 pm, which is the period after the father called his daughter Zina Kengo and the period of the accused’s arrival at Beirut airport to board his plane to Istanbul.

Zeina Kanjo and her husband

she was The case of the murder of Zeina Kanjo, Which was model Shahira, she got a title Miss Lebanon, She was shocked by the public opinion with her details, especially since the last words of the famous model were flirting with her, through her personal account with her husband.

In response to his accusation of killing her, Zina Kanjos husband said in previous statements during a telephone conversation with one of the programs that he was not seeking to kill her, as he asked her sister: Do you think I will kill her? You were talking with us some time before the incident. I will talk about something for the first and for the last time, even in front of the investigation, I will not mention it, what can you do but miss home and meet your wife with another one? I did not want it to be on the basis that she was dying, but she started screaming in the morning and put my hand on her mouth to silence her. Not just she died, God does not forgive me. The reason was that if she died at the hands of me, then many people killed her from and bet on me.

What sparked controversy during the past hours is the publication of a pair Model Zina Kengo A picture collected by his wife, who was accused of killing her, and he commented on it: “By God, I miss you and you know me.”


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