Summary – Majid Al-Kadwani in “Sahranin”: Mahmoud Hamida hit me two hot hooks and a call from the leader changed my life | news


The artist Majid Al-Kadwani and the heroes of the film “The Pause of the Man” Bayoumi Fouad and Sayed Ragab are guests of the program “Sahranin” in its new season, presented by Amir Karara and shown on ON TV.

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Since the episode was shown, the name of Majid Al-Kadwani has been published in search engines because of his statements he made on the program, and we monitor them for you in the following lines:

1- I was traumatized after the failure of the movie “Jay-in Express” in 2004, and it did not achieve a successful audience for marketing reasons. I had started filming it after my mother’s death.

2- I received a call from artist Adel Imam and he advised me to focus on my work only and not to pay attention to the failure of revenues. This advice I will not forget throughout my life.

3- Then I went to the leader in the theater and told him, “Our Lord has revealed the words that I want to reach me on your tongue.”

4- In the movie “Goblins of Asphalt” I embodied a boy with special needs and stood in the street in shabby clothes. Mahmoud Hamida was supposed to hit me with a hot leech. This is what really happened.

5- The director asked to repeat the scene again, and I was severely beaten by Mahmoud Hamida a second time.

6- “What next” turned into a crisis with me since I heard it from a great doctor in the Institute of Dramatic Arts, whose name was Dr. Abdel-Rahman Arnous. Need, he said to me (What is next) and then I walked, I told him what does he mean? So he said, let this word be a link in your heart.

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7- Bayoumi Fouad called me “Moon Bay” because I owned a car and arranged my money in the wallet.

8- Uncle Fouad was not only Bayoumi’s father, he was all of us and he was ten years old, so we are sure Uncle Fouad is in a very, very beautiful place.

The movie “A Man’s Stand” written by Haitham Dabour and directed by Ahmed Al-Jundi, and co-starring Amina Khalil, Sherif Desouky and Mohamed Salam.

In the film, Amina Khalil embodies the character of “Mahi”, the very “hippie” girl, who decides to leave Cairo and move to reside near the sea in “Soma Bay”, where she takes on the task of developing the business of “Shahdi” (Majid Al-Kadwani), and she is shocked by the changes she makes to His office and home according to her vision.

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