Summary – Shocking events … Pearl rape and filmed in episode 30 of “Lu’lu ‘” news


ON TV aired episode 30 of the series “Pearl” by Mai Omar.

The episode witnessed the occurrence of shocking events, after Pearl went to Badr’s house, and called Tariq to tell him that she would enter the house, instead of knowing through his bodyguard who sent him to monitor the place.

Lu’uloua approaches the door and listens to Badr “Bouda” on the phone talking with Marwa about his intention to implement their scheme and deceive Lu’loua in order to obtain her wealth, while Lu’lu’as mother stands at the door of Marwas room and listens to her conversation with Badr.

Lu’lu ‘enters Badr’s house and pretends that she is doing well, and tries to make up a story about her decision to obtain a divorce from Tariq to marry him, in addition to giving him power of attorney to manage her bank accounts because she discovered the theft of her Majestic.

Badr suspects the story of Pearl, and goes to the bathroom to find out from Marwa the validity of the information, but she assures him that Magdy did not steal pearls, which confirms Badr’s suspicions, who informs her that their plot to steal pearls has been exposed and that he will implement the escape plan that they agreed upon.

Badr comes out of the bathroom and makes a cup of tea in which he puts the drug. After Pearl lost her consciousness, he raped her and her pictures, then fled with Marwa.

Tariq Nassar enters Badr’s house and finds Pearl sleeping in the bed, and she regains consciousness at the same moment and feels terrified of what happened to her, so she finds Tariq who divorces her and goes away in silence.

Lu’lu ‘gathers her strength and leaves Badr’s house, and calls Magdy, her business manager, who comes to her and listens to what happened to her, returns her to the house and asks her mother not to talk to her and leave her to rest.

Nihal goes to the company and the secretary informs her that Tariq is at his office, and finds him in a state of shock, and tells her that he cannot tell what happened to him, but he wants the press to know about the news of his divorce from Lu’lu`.

Nihal succeeds in persuading Tariq to conceal the news of his divorce from Lu’lu, so that others do not think that his relationship with his wife made him forget his business, and asks him to wait for a while to regain his strength and decide at that time how to act with the crisis.

Badr sits with Marwa in the house they fled to, and begins to blame her for her insistence on re-watching the video of the rape of Pearl more than once, and she seems to relish seeing pearls suffering.

It is noteworthy that the series “Pearl” has 40 episodes, which is the story of Mai Omar, script and dialogue of Muhammad Mahran, directed by Mohamed Abdel Salam, supervised by Mohamed Sami, produced by Synergy, and co-starring Mai Omar, Ahmed Zahir, Nermin Al-Fiqi, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Naglaa Badr, Edward, Heidi Karam, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Salwa Othman, Hamdi Heikal and Malik Ahmed Zahir.

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