Summary – Wizzo: My soul is presenting Fawazir, and the marital relationship in my imagination is Rouqah and Nour al-Sharif news


The famous actress Dina Mohsen Bouizou was a guest on the program “One of the People” presented by Amr Al-Laithi, a journalist, on the “Al-Hayat” channel. offers you a summary of Dina Mohsen’s statements:

– The reason for calling me this name “Wizzo” is due to the name “Luncheon”. I used to put it in my school bag, and Ahmed Makki used to play with me as the name of a game on the mobile.

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– As for the title Mama Muscles, because I was tall, strong and wide, and I used to fret a lot with the kids at school and beat them.

– My mother took many vitamins during my breastfeeding, weaned on sweets, and developed a hernia, and for two years my mother was caring for me, and tried various types of diets, and I finished high school and weighed 137 kilos.

– My experience as a teacher of chemistry did not work because of the beginning of rehearsals for “The Theater of Egypt”. Once there was an argument with a student in my class and I hit him.

– My husband, Sharif, and I were classmates and we had no feelings. After us, we met again by chance and he was laughing at me very much and the admiration between us began.

– My husband, Zamalekawi, and my family are all Ahlawiya, and the problem is my son Ismail, I don’t know who will encourage whom.

– I play tragic roles and love director Sherif Arafa very much, and myself I play Fawazir.

-I love to dance very much and my ears with music in accord.

– I wanted to go to a farragi and a butcher so that I wanted to wear an abaya and gold fill my arms, the marital relationship in my imagination, Rouqah and Nour al-Sharif in the movie “Shame”.

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