Surprise in the documents … the disappearance of 19 cups and shields from the Football Association in mysterious circumstances


The report of the committee formed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to review and inspect the Football Association showed a census of the number of trophies, medals and shields in the Football Association’s treasury, and the number of lost trophies also in recent years, specifically at the time of a fire at the Jabaliya headquarters in 2013.

The report of the committee witnessed an inventory of the number of trophies, shields and medals, and 19 cups, shields and medals were proven missing, most notably the 2010 African Nations Cup, in addition to the 2011 Arab Federation Cup, the Kuwaiti Federation Shield, the Saudi Arabian Federation Shield, the Emirates Tournament Cup, the Syrian Federation Shield, the Stainless Africa Cup, the Hangers League Shield and the Shield Lebanese Federation.


Youth and Sports Committee document

In a different context, Ahmed Hassan, the star of Al-Ahly and Zamalek, the dean of the world players, revealed that he handed over the African Nations Cup in 2011, after I was with him in his house as the captain of the national team to take memorial photos of the players, the device and some sponsors at the time, and then handed them over to the Football Association’s treasury.

Al-Saqr said, in statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, “I wish you were.” She kept the Nations Cup In my house instead of losing it, and I am surprised by my question about the cup after 9 years and the presence of two councils for the mountain, in addition to the presence of the committee for a year and two months, and is looking for the cup now. “

The dean of the world players added: “I am also surprised at the leakage of this news from the Five-Year Committee of the Football Association to the media at that time, revealing that a member of the committee contacted him a while ago and informed him that there are renovations inside the headquarters of the Football Association and a place will be allocated for the national teams prizes, including placing a picture. I had the African Nations Cup on the walls inside the federation, and I was asked afterwards during the call from this member about the Nations Cup, and I informed him that the cup had been handed over in 2011, and he said to me, “I will give you what I delivered … the cup is not in the federation.”


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